Telephone Voice Recorder

PC based USB Device - Stand alone Device

USB Telephone Voice Recorder, support WAV and MP3, PC based Telephone Logger. Call Recording with caller ID, choice of 2/4/8/16 ports The Stand alone voice recording box is the newest generation of telephone recording equipment One computer can connect 2/4/8/16 channel USB recording box

  • Recording system can print out, statistic and analysis for dialing in, dialing out and incoming call data. Also transfer recording data to MP3 and WAV format
  • Recording system use digital mode for recording and hi-fi original sound for playing. 1G hard disk space can contain recording data for 175 hours
  • Audio control(A) voltage control(V) and key control(K) are available. Dialing in and dialing out phone can be recorded automatically

Telephone number "DTMF"and "FSK" mode can be showed and recorded correctly. Pop up client information through local computer according to incoming call number

USB Devices

Recording can be searched and printed quickly according to channel number, call date and company name Any channel telephone can be monitored in real time through local computer and network Password management and classified customer right make recording data safer and more reliable Set starting and stopping record time as you wish during 24 hours