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Office Telephone Systems

Telezone looks after the installation of large and small office telephone systems and services various brands/models in Dubai - NEC SV9100 IP Communication Server, NEC SL2100 Smart Communication System, Panasonic NS700 & NS500 IP Telephone System, Grandstream & Yeastar IP PBX Systems, NEC Digital Telephones, NEC IP Phones, Panasonic Digital Telephone, Avaya IP Deskphones, Polycom Conference Phones,

CCTV & Access Control

CCTV and Access Control have become vital components in modern security systems. It is important to get this right, as the two have very different strengths and features, and deploying the wrong one as the front end could leave end users without features that could be useful, or even vital to their security system.

Call Management and Voicelogger

Call Management Solutions improves communications, limits corporate liability, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and retention levels. PABX installation with Telephone Recording Devices provide enterprises the ability to record phone calls between customers and employees. Ideal for mission critical liability recording for public safety, financial services, and customer contact and training centers. Works with most business telephone systems.

Structured Cabling Solution

We fully understand that your business is unique, we will work with you to identify your current and future requirements. Our team of engineers ensure that our customers are best satisfied. So whether you are looking for a Cat6, or Cat6a structured cabling system, or in single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic system, we have the solution.

Network Infrastructure

Network is typically part of the IT infrastructure found in most enterprise IT environments. The entire network infrastructure is interconnected, and can be used for internal communications, external communications or both. A typical network infrastructure includes: Networking Hardware: Routers, Switches, LAN cards, Wireless routers - D-Link, Linksys, Cisco, HP, TP-Link Switches and Routers are mostly deployed.

Optical Fiber Networks

Optical fiber cabling, all types of network splicing for various on premise applications. Our networking services will help in the fast and easy growth of your business. We troubleshoot fiber optic networks and structures with Cable Code.


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