Panasonic KX-NS 700 Smart Hybrid PABX System
Panasonic KX-NS 700 Smart Hybrid PABX System

Panasonic KX-NS 700 Smart Hybrid PABX System

The global trend in the area is to unify all communication media to interact with each other seamlessly and transparently. The Panasonic KX-NS700 VOIP PABX offers a complete set of functions and telephony communications network for small and medium enterprises, with a wide range of fixed and wireless terminals, headsets and softphones. System resources can be improved and licenses to meet the needs of organizations with one or several locations.

Panasonic KX-NS500 has advanced features, starting from 6 analog lines and 18 extensions up to 288 extensions with Expansion Unit. Panasonic NS500 is a unified communication system with VOIP features such as mobile communication, email and integrated voicemail, instant messaging (chat) and presence information. You can also use integrated applications like Call Center, mobile solutions and VM systems that provide greater efficiency and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

KX-NS500 supports standard IP-SIP-terminals and terminals, which are ideal for the optimization of business communications, and a wide variety of wired and wireless terminals, softphones. Moreover, recent models of digital and IP-terminals improve the quality of communication, providing HD-superior sound.

Panasonic KX-NS500 provides users with opportunities in terms of messaging. Using the built-in concept of Unified Messaging, the user can take voice and fax messages in several ways: as attachments to e-mail messages or with the help of the Communication Assistant in Outlook. Thus, for listening to messages, users can use phones and PCs.

Built-in voicemail able to receive incoming calls, record messages and conversations, in addition, it provides management mailboxes with mobile phone. The system comes with a storage capacity sufficient for a two-hour dual-channel voice recording. With the activation keys and extra memory recording time can be increased up to 400 hours (and 24 channels).

KX-NS500 provides to multilateral audio conferences with high sound quality. KX-NS500 includes advanced call routing functions for small and medium call-centers. To meet the increasingly complex requirements for call processing system, you can use third-party CTI-applications that are compatible with Panasonic KX-NS500.



Summarizing, the essential functions are:

  •  KX-NS500 is a unified communication system equipped with features such as IP mobile connection, integrated voicemail, e-mail, instant messaging and presence information to ensure a more efficient working environment.
  • Standard feature of all terminals KX-NS500 is the ability to connect users to the section or the appropriate handler using call routing with voice guidance. The new model is also able to suggest the user to record a voice message when the user is absent.
  • KX-NS500 can be extended with several features including voicemail system can record up to 24 channels for 400 hours, send e-mail to notify users whenever there are new voice messages or when the customer did not leave a message, enabling businesses to respond quickly.
  • The system is flexible, starting from six analog lines and 18 internal, to get up to 288 indoor units with expansion.

Panasonic NS500, is defined as a system of unified communications for its ability to integrate with a variety of fixed and mobile devices.

In fact, this system supports VoIP phones owners such as the NT series, UT, but also mobile software Panasonic, operator consoles, Built-in application for the management of statistical analysis of system calls, the supervisor console, and of course the ability to integrate devices such as tablet with Android or Apple iOS , laptops, smartphones and all those devices equipped with wireless technology to access the data network Internet.You can also connect standard SIP VoIP lines, phones and softphones always with standard SIP.

The KX-NS500 has advanced features and starts from 6 analog trunks orologi panerai replica and 18 extensions up to 288 extensions with Expansion Unit . The KX-NS500 is also a unified communication system which has advanced IP features such as:

  • Mobile connection;
  • Mail integrated voice and email;
  • Instant messaging (chat) and presence information

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