DES-3200-28 D-LINK 24 Port Fast Ethernet Managed Switch
DES-3200-28 D-LINK 24 Port Fast Ethernet Managed Switch

DES-3200-28 D-LINK 24 Port Fast Ethernet Managed Switch

The DES-3200 Series are members of D-Link®’s Layer 2 xStack Managed Switch family designed for the Metro ETTX, FTTX, and Enterprise market. The DES-3200 series offers 24 or 48 10/100Mbps Faster Ethernet Ports with available PoE, plus 2 combo Gigabit/ SFP ports and 2 dedicated SFP ports. It also offers the beneficial design of 2 Gigabit/SFP Combo ports and 2 dedicated SFP ports which provide up to 4 Gbps uplink bandwidth or dual Ethernet ring topology support.

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Flexible Port Density

  • 24 or 48 10/100BASE-TX, with available PoE
  • 2 Combo 1000BASE-T/SFP ports and 2 dedicated SFP ports
  • 19” Rack-mount width

Surge Protection

  • All Ethernet ports have 6 KV surge protection

L2 Features

  • Asymmetric VLAN/ISM VLAN
  • Double VLAN (Q-in-Q)
  • Spanning Tree Protocols: 802.1D-2004 Edition, 802.1w and 802.1s
  • 802.1AX and 802.3ad Link Aggregation


  • Port Security/SSH/SSL
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • 802.1X Port-based/Host-based Access Control
  • 802.1X Guest VLAN
  • IP-MAC-Port Binding



Security and Availability The DES-3200 Series supports 802.1X Port-based/Host-based Access Control, Guest VLAN, and RADIUS and TACAS+ Authentication for strict access control over the network. The IP-MAC-Port Binding feature allows administrators to bind a source IP address with an associated MAC for a defined port number to enhance user access control. Furthermore with the DHCP Snooping feature, the switch automatically understands the IP/MAC pairs by snooping DHCP packets and saving them to the IMPB white list. These features play a significant role in keeping the network secure and auditable. The built-in D-Link Safeguard Engine identifies and prioritizes “CPU interested” packets to prevent malicious traffic from interrupting normal network flows and protects switch operation. In addition, the Access Control List (ACL) feature enhances the network security and switch performance.

Resilience and Quality of Service

For mission critical environments the DES-3200 Series supports 802.1D-2004 edition, 802.1w and 802.1s Spanning Tree Protocols (STP). STP allows you to configure the switch replica orologi di lusso with a redundant backup bridge path, so transmission and reception of packets can be guaranteed in the event of any failed switch on the network. The switch also supports 802.1AX (formerly 802.3ad) Link Aggregation, enabling you to group multiple ports in parallel to form a single port, increasing bandwidth and redundancy for higher availability. For Quality of Service (QoS), the switches support 802.1p. This standard is a mechanism that allows real-time traffic classification into 8 priority levels mapped to 4 queues. Packet classification is based on TOS, DSCP, MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, VLAN ID, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type and user defined packet content, which enables flexible configuration especially for realtime streaming multimedia applications such as voice over IP.

Traffic and Bandwidth Control

The bandwidth control feature allows network administrators to define the throughput levels for each port in order to manage bandwidth. It also provides fine granularity to define the ingress/egress traffic limits down to 8kbps segments. The switches also support the Broadcast Storm Control feature which minimizes the chance of a virus patek philippe replica attack within the network. Port Mirroring helps administrators facilitate traffic diagnostics or track switch performance and make changes if necessary. Q-in-Q, also known as VLAN stacking, is a powerful yet simple and cost-effective solution which can be used to provide multiple virtual connections and access to multiple services available over the Metro Ethernet.

Multicast Applications

The DES-3200 Series provides IGMP Snooping to prune multicast traffic and to optimize network performance. The MLD snooping feature minimizes multicast IPv6 packets at the port level to conserve network bandwidth.


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